Romantic Decorating

Romantic Decorating


submitted by: Tim Turner


romantic-brush-on-the-wall-covered-in-paint-dating-ideas-decorationRomantic Decorating can be more intimate and intriguing than going out to a fancy restaurant.  I knew she was having problems decorating, so I offered to help.  The walls lacked color and designs, so I suggested we paint the dull white walls.  She hesitated for a moment while thinking.  I broke out the brushes and opened the cans of paint.

We had three rooms to paint, and we each took one.  We would worry about the other room together.  We each painted the rooms, and some how, we also got paint on ourselves.  We had turned off the air conditioning while we painted, and it was getting hot and stuffy in the house.

In the third room, we eventually could not stand the heat anymore and started painting in nearly the nude.  We finally finished the rooms painting task, but we had more paint on us than the walls.

We joked about this, and agreed the paint spots were our Red Badges of Courage.  Since no one would see them other than us, we painted each other up good and said not a word at our jobs what was underneath the clothes.  If anyone had a clue what was written on us covered by the clothes, they would know we belong to each other.