Romantic Decorating

Romantic Decorating


submitted by: Diana Heineck


romantic-hello-kitty-cat-laying-down-on-deck-decorating-ideas-relationshipsWhen my  husband and I were not married, we used to have a long distance relationship, because I was living in my country (Peru) and he was here at the USA as usual. We used to travel during different times of the year to visit each other until we got married and decided to live together here in the USA. When I came back for good to live with my sweetie, he prepared a big surprise for me. He knew I was going to miss my home so he decorated part of the bathroom and the bedroom with my favorite cartoon “Hello Kitty”.

Although I am 32 I love this brand probably because during my childhood importing foreign products was not allowed in my country due to a government law, and people who traveled to Japan came back with the suitcases full of these products which were sold very expensive but not affordable for my family and me.

Anyway, I arrived to my new home and could not believe it , I found in the bathroom a Hello Kitty oval carpet that matched with a special shelf built by my hubby with cool “Hello Kitty” containers to place my stuff. Moreover, when I went to my new bedroom there was another new special shelf for my stuff with pink and soft colors and more “Hello Kitty” fun stuff.

My hubby had been living alone for many years and now his rooms have a girl touch. I love him very much.