With Dessert

With Dessert


submitted by: Jenny Bosteder


romantic-chocolate-ideas-candy-bar-valentinesI plan to woo my sweetheart with the 14 days of Valentines Day. On one of these days I plan to give him snack sized candy bars as follows:

Snickers:   I love the way you make me laugh!

3 Musketeers:   You will always be my hero. ( He slays spiders for me)

Butterfinger:   I’m glad I don’t have to compete with perfection.

Whatchamacallit:  In case you’re at a loss for words.

M & M’s:       MMMMM MMMMM Good!

Mr. Good Bar:     Need I say more?

For the grand finale on Valentine’s Day, I plan to make Triple Chocolate Apples, large red apples, dipped in milk, dark and white chocolates,
refrigerated, and then carved into swans.