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submitted by: Sharon Trombley


romantic-gummy-bears-single-red-one-in-the-middle-of-white-or-clear-gummy-bears-dating-ideas-gundel-pancakes-crepesDesserts have always played a special part in my relationship with my wife, Jackie.

I recall when we were dating, and went to a restaurant that served Gundel Pancakes. These are amazing desserts, made from hazelnut and smothered in chocolate sauce.

Jackie ordered the pancake, and when I saw how good it looked she was kind enough to share some with me. It was only some time later that I discovered that Jackie NEVER shared her desserts with anyone — so she was truly smitten with me! True enough, we were married a year later.

We even have dessert fun at home. I went to a training course recently where each student had lollies on their desks to eat during the class. I, instead, took some lollies home each day and constructed a floor-mural depicting our lives together. The lollies are arranged to form pictures of the two of us, our family pet, and each of our hobbies. Now she won’t let me remove the
mural, because she wants to show it off to all her friends. I think that makes us one of the world’s leading practitioners of Lolly Art!

(By the way, Candy is called Lollies in Australia!)