With Dessert

With Dessert


submitted by: Christine Ward

puddingI recently mentioned to my man that we hadn’t ever had a disagreement, and a lot could be learned about us as a couple based on how we got through an argument.  He had an instant solution for that.  He suggested a pudding duel.  I thought he was a little crazy, but stayed up the night before preparing my weapons, three bowls of pudding choosing flavors that I know he loves.  I also spent a lot of time picking out the right size spoon for flinging.

I think as much fun went into the anticipation of it than the actual game.  So we both arrived at the hotel not quite sure what to expect.  We stayed in a Jacuzzi room, so the bathroom was pretty big, which was good because we made a huge mess!

Basically the game was very simple.  We both stood in the middle of the bathroom, back to back with no clothes on, with our bowls of pudding.  On the count of three, we took a few steps away from each other and then turned around and started immediately flinging pudding all over each other.  I think it was the most playful thing we’ve ever done.  You can guess how we cleaned up the pudding, and what was left (a sticky mess!) we took care of in the shower.  The only problem was that I was a little heavy handed with the spoon and was using dark chocolate pudding at that, so somehow I ended up flinging pudding all the way out into the room staining the carpet.  Woops. The bathroom itself was easy enough to clean up, but we’ve been more careful since then.