On A Diet

On A Diet


submitted by: Meridith Rickard


romantic couple dieting ideas having the same ideasI’ve been on a low-glyceamic diet for almost a year for various health reasons. I look at it as a long-term thing because I’ve found it works and so much else I’ve tried hasn’t.

Watching what I eat is HARD WORK and it’s not made any easier when people around me eat stuff I shouldn’t and it’s even harder when I’m pressured to join them. My fiance is very supportive and when I’m tempted to eat something ‘bad’ for me – he gently reminds me. He asks questions and make sure to make things as easy as he can for me.

That in itself is sweet but what he did next was even sweeter.

I’ve been quietly worrying (to myself) about what it would be like when we’re married, living in the same house, and having different diets. Do I give up mine so he can eat his way? I thought it was too mean to put my way of eating upon him – so that wasn’t an option. Having two different diets to cater for didn’t seem a particularly … appetizing thought either.

I was getting a bit stuck on this one. Didn’t want to be unfair on him yet was worried about how hard it could become for us if food got to be a big issue.

One night (we’re long-distance at the moment, so we use the phone a lot) when we were talking, he asked me even more questions about what a low-GI diet consisted of. I gave him answers along the lines of the sugar withdrawals for the first few weeks (which he knew about…nightmares galore!), the well-being feeling one you got through that, the foods to avoid, the foods to eat, the order in which to eat certain foods. I was curious as to why he was asking all these questions right then – so I asked.

He told me that he was going to start a low-GI diet now so that when we get married he wouldn’t be going through the first few weeks thing and putting me through that too. I was really touched that someone would be that supportive of me from right now. It’s even more touching that he meant it and has really been trying since then to do what he said, especially as I know how much he loves his lollies and chocolate.

It’s a different way of giving me “warm-fuzzies” but I really felt so special and loved.