On A Diet

On A Diet


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romantic couple running diet sandwhich salad at work ideasEver since we were married, I gained approximately 1 pound per month for one year – 12 Lbs! My loving bride, and I are very active and kept fit, or at least that was the case while I was in law school. Since I began working last summer at a large law firm, however, my demanding job kept me from running daily during lunch, and instead eating at my desk.

My wife could sense I was unhappy about this change for two reasons; first, I was gaining weight, and second, I was not taking anytime for myself at lunch. So, as a result, Chris began making lunches for me to bring into the office. Now, rather than ordering in unhealthy or fat-filled lunches, I feast on healthy gourmet sandwiches or wonderful salads that are the envy of the office.

The best part, however, is the note she scribbles on my napkin. Each day is a different message, romantic and encouraging. Although I am still eating my lunches everyday at my desk, her message usually pulls me from my work enough to enjoy my view from the 30th story overlooking Denver’s front range. Since she began making my lunches, I have not lost any weight (as I am still not running) but I have not gained any. What I have gained, however, is a deeper appreciation for my bride and the effort she is willing to take each morning at 6 a.m. while I get ready for work.