On Diets

On Diets


submitted by: Sarah


diet helpMy boyfriend had to go through an elimination diet to test for allergies, where you cut out all possible foods that might be causing an allergic reaction. In his case, this included anything with soybean products, wheat, eggs, foods that might mold, all canned foods and frozen foods, and many other ingredients I can’t even remember (it’s been a year).

You wouldn’t believe the limited choice of food he was stuck to eating. To help support him and since we ate together a lot, I ended up eating the same diet he was — lots of chicken, rice, peanut butter (without soybean oil), fresh vegetables, salads (we only found one type of salad dressing that was possible to eat), and a few other choices, but not many.

I even helped him go grocery shopping and helped in the scavenger hunt for possible foods to eat. Most aisles we didn’t even bother going down. Although, I would have “normal” meals on my own, and even though I could have cooked my own food at home, many times I would wait until we were together and we would cook together based on the diet. I was very glad that he got to go off of the elimination diet and didn’t have to cut out any of the foods permanently.

Even though I haven’t eaten much rice or peanut butter since then, I would do this all over again for him.