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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Tonya R. Bailey

I had been dating Tom for approximately five years and throughout that time, neither one of us had very much money to spend on one another.  I had the fortune of getting a pretty good job and thought that it would be a good time to do something special.

Tom and I lived in different states (we attended different colleges) and usually did not get to see one another more than once a month.  Typically, my job or his position on the college wrestling team caused conflicts in our schedules.  Anyway, it was nearing Christmas and I decided I would go all out for his gift.  His favorite team was the Dallas Cowboys and he told me that one day he hoped to see them play on their home field.  I got tickets to the Cowboys/Steelers game the weekend before Christmas, I bought round-trip airline tickets from Kentucky to Dallas, managed to get a tour of the stadium arranged, and signed us up for a mini-trip with a tour company that gave out team related memorabilia and organized a brief time to meet the coach.

I decided not to tell him where we were going until we were in the airport.  I got him up bright and early the day of our flight.  I didn’t tell him where we were headed, just that I needed him to pack clothes for the weekend and come with me for a trip to visit family.

When we got to the airport and were checking in, I handed him a brochure of the hotel we were staying at and the tickets for the game.  He shrugged, checked in for his flight, walked me to the gate, threw his bag at my feet and went to play video games.

I was hurt and disappointed at his lack of enthusiasm at the trip and everything I had organized.  He hadn’t seen me for over a month this time around and still he shrugged off my efforts at a great gift and took off to indulge in a juvenile activity instead of waiting at the gate with me.  The rest of the weekend was ruined for me as a result.  I hate football, it was cold and rainy, and my hard work… both financially and organizationally benefited someone who was ungrateful.  I knew then and there he had no romantic bones in his body…

Now, I am engaged to someone who loves surprises,  appreciates effort, and is capable of both giving and receiving…