Romantic Disasters

Romantic Disasters


submitted by: Carla Backitis

missing present romantic disaster storiesMany years ago, my husband celebrated his 30th birthday. We were still engaged at the time, not yet married, and I had arranged to have a singing telegram for him at a huge birthday dinner I was throwing. There was about 15 people in attendance total, good friends of both of ours, and everyone knew about this telegram except my fiance.I had arranged it all ahead of time, spoken to this woman on the phone on several occasions, so the song was going to include personal aspects of his life; friends, family, funny stories, me, etc.

We ate at a Japanese steakhouse, and I timed it just so that she was to arrive as we were finishing dinner. Well, that time came and went, and no telegram. We ordered dessert, even though we were full, and still no telegram. With the help of our friends, we sat and talked, and had coffee, and talked some more, basically wasted over an hour! My fiance was really starting to wonder what was going on, and finally we had to leave, the restaurant needed the table. I was so upset!

It turns out that the lady had her car break down on the way to the restaurant, and by the time she had a tow truck arrive, she tried to get there but it was too late. She was so apologetic! Offered to give me a free telegram and everything, but the moment was gone.

I really felt so bad, that eventually I had to tell my fiance what I had planned. He was very surprised that I’d go to all that trouble, and sweetly told me that it was the thought that counts. Anyway, another birthday is coming up next year, and I don’t plan on there being any mistakes with whatever I plan, this time it has to work! *grin*