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submitted by: Susan

My romantic moment gone wrong involves my former roommate and me.  We decided to move in together after he graduated from college because both he and I needed a place and it was cheaper to live together than on our own.  We had always had a back and forth relationship, friends, more than friends, somewhere in between, we had been through every stage…just not always at the same time.

Well, he went away for a weekend to visit a friend about 4 months after we had moved into our apartment.  His absence gave me a lot of time to think about things and really listen to my heart.  Turns out that I just knew, because of how much I missed him and other things, that I loved this guy.  It took me forever to figure that out since I was definitely NOT looking or wanting to fall in love but it became very clear to me that weekend that I did love him.  I decided that I was going to tell him this when he got back from his trip and that I was going to do it in a romantic way.

He did not get home till close to midnight on a Sunday evening and when he came home, every light in the apartment was out.  Naturally, he went to his room first, thinking I was probably in bed asleep, and there he found 2 red roses sitting on his bed.  With that were instructions of where to go next.  When he went there he found another rose and another place to go. This continued on until he had 10 roses in his hand. The second to last note instructed him to push play on the CD player where I had a romantic song ready to be played.

The last instruction was for him to come to my room and open my door.  There he found me standing, surrounded by burning candles, and holding two more roses.  The moment he looked at me I told him “I love you.”  I could tell right away from his expression that he no longer had the same feeling (he had tried to tell me he loved me about 9 months before this and I wouldn’t let him say it because I could not say it back to him) for me that he once had.  He tried to be as polite and sweet as possible when letting me down but I was crushed.  I had thought this was it…now we are FINALLY on the same page.  Turns out it was only me there this time.  Needless to say, our relationship was awkward after that.  Nowadays we have chosen to live by ourselves and are trying to work on building a solid friendship…just a friendship this time.