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submitted by: Kim Meillon

My poor husband seems to be a past master at this. I’ll give you two quick examples, both from very
momentous occasions in our lives.

Our first valentines day together, Brendan decided he would take me out somewhere fantastic.  He wanted it to have a nice range of food, and most importantly have a lovely view.  A friend suggested the Berowra Waters Inn (a very posh restaurant in Sydney) – Brendan got this mixed up for the Brooklyn Restaurant. (Well, the are both north of Sydney, near the water and start with B!  He was close!)

He rang the place, asked about the menu, and yes, they had chicken, fish, beef, lamb, and were near the water.  Winner!  Very proud of himself, he picked me up & informed me we were going somewhere top notch. We got to the place, and he nearly died…it was chicken tikka, beef vindaloo and lamb korma!  Indian restaurant!  And yes, near the water – except for the local pub that was in between us and the water.

The night was not what he expected, but it was memorable, mainly for the look on his face when we arrived.

Then there was the night of our 4 month anniversary. He took me out for the most beautiful dinner at the nicest place (which should have tipped me off, I guess!) Then after dinner, we
went for a walk along the beach to a little island,
joined by a short causeway.  We had the island to
ourselves, as it had started spitting (drizzling).  I made a move to go, but Brendan wouldn’t let me. By now it was raining harder, and my good clothes were quite wet (to say nothing of my makeup!), and still when I suggested we head back, he mumbled something and held me back.

I was getting progressively wetter and more annoyed, when he suddenly went down on one knee. He had just been getting his courage up!  He then had to propose very fast so I could accept very fast, so we could FINALLY make a run for it.

My husband is not the most romantic guy, and when he tries to be it all seems to go horribly wrong, poor darling!  He’s lucky I love him just the way he is!