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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kadiana Diviney

I decided that I wanted to give my boyfriend a special gift for his birthday so I decided to make something with my own hands. After much thought I decided to put together a gift basket for him with personalized items in it.

I got very excited with the idea and welcomed the challenge (I had never made a gift basket before). My friends at work also filled me in on basket stuffing ideas.

To make the whole thing extra special I decided to deliver the basket to his office. I made preparations with his manger to pick it up at my workplace on the eve of the day. On the delivery day his manger could not make it to my office. I had to find someone else to put it on his desk after he left work so I called another co-worker of his and he told me that if I had it delivered to him he would place it on his desk for me so I was stopped worrying.

So there I was at work trying to find someone to deliver it to his office. I didn’t have a car of my own and I couldn’t leave work because my boyfriend was already on his way to pick me up.

I finally got a director (how brave of me) to drop it off for me which she did (Thank God).

This is where it gets all bad.

When I reached home all happy and excited, my boyfriend told me that he would  not be going in office tomorrow and that he had to work out of town. I was so devastated and disappointed I started to cry and cry I eventually had to tell him why I was crying and my surprise was all spoiled for both me and him.

The good thing is that after he came back into town he saw the basket and loved it very much. He took several days before he opened it cause he said it so great and he loved looking at it. He even took a picture!!!!