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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kelly

Several years ago we decided that we would have a nice romantic candlelight bubble bath together.  I filled the tub with nice hot water, lots of bubbles, and lit lots of candles and placed them around the room.  I placed several of them on the edge of the tub… in retrospect I guess this wasn’t the smartest idea.

As we were getting into the bath together, I leaned across the tub to turn off the faucet, and my long hair (which I should have tied back, but didn’t)
fell into the flame of one of the candles.  I suddenly heard the horrible (although quiet) “crackling” sound of burning human hair.  My sweetheart was luckily quick enough to reach up and whack the fire out.  Fortunately I didn’t get seriously burned, my hair was only slightly scorched.  Needless to say, we were both shaken up a bit by the experience, and it put a bit of a damper on the romance that night.

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