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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Paul Allen

My wife is a nurse and works 2nd shift (3 – 11) occasionally and that puts her home at midnight. We usually stay up and watch TV and have a drink for about an hour so she can wind down.

Well, we had been in several serious discussions about our relationship lately so I figured I would do something just for her without having the expectation of having another discussion. Prior to her arriving home one night, I prepared our bathroom with candles, rose petals and roses, removed the kids toys, had bath oil ready and waited for her to arrive. As I saw her pull in the driveway, I began filling the bathwater so by the time she came in and I surprised her with the “gift” of a bath to relax in, the water would be ready.

My one flaw…..I was in such a hurry to fill the bathtub I cut the water on EXTREMELY hot. My wife enjoys a hot bath, but not this hot. Anyway, by the time she waited there with no clothes onĀ  for me to regulate the water temp so she could finally stand the water, it was pretty comical. It ended up being a great evening though as we did talk for about two hours after that about things in and out of our relationship in positive way.