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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Jim Quimby


When I was in high school and dating the girl who became my wife, she was age 16. Her Mother had told her that we were getting too serious and told us that we couldn’t see each other for awhile. I wanted to give her a gift a few weeks later at Easter. But we both knew that her Mother would make her return anything I gave her – she had already had to give back something I had given her a month earlier at her birthday. 

However, she had a 12 year old sister, so I bought two big stuffed Easter Bunnies that were almost 3 feet high. Then I took construction paper and cut out about 30 rabbit footprints.

I went down to her house very early Easter morning and I put out the two big Easter Bunnies on her front porch with my sweetheart’s name on one and her sister’s name on the other, and laid out the footprints from where I left them on her front porch all the way down the walk to the street as if the stuffed Bunnies had made the prints as they hopped up on their own.

Everyone had a big laugh when they got up Easter morning for church. Because her little sister got one too, and the sister didn’t want to have to give it back, I won out. Her Mom had to give in and let them both keep the Easter Bunnies.