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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Brenda E. B.


Last year at Easter I had made arrangements to go home to California from Ohio for Easter. All holidays are so special to me and I hated to be away from my sweetheart for a holiday. 

To make up for my absence I hid eggs with loving notes and special treats in all the places I know he’d be sure to come across them at. (Behind the toothpaste in the medicine cabinet, in the top of the cereal box, under his pillow, behind the cushion on the couch, in the plant I know he waters religiously, in the microwave and refrigerator, in his briefcase, etc.)

I added to the eggs the usual like jelly beans and Easter chocolate but I also added some of his favorites like pistachios and raisins. The egg I placed in the freezer had his favorite ice cream in it (Starbuck’s Jamocha Chip). The egg I left under his pillow for him had a small container of foot rub lotion. The egg in the cereal box had a “Good Morning, Sunshine” note and said to look on the porch. (I had arranged for his neighbor to leave the Newspaper for him both days of the weekend. This is usually something he goes out to get on the weekends after breakfast.)

It was fun for me to plan the little treats for my guy and he enjoyed “hunting eggs” all weekend. It helped to keep us close even though we were apart for the holiday.