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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Melissa Heiselt


Our first Easter together, I wanted to do something very special for my husband. Our budget was tight, and neither of us is a huge candy freak, so the traditional Easter basket just seemed a bit of a waste of money.

Instead, I got a full bag of plastic Easter eggs, and filled each one with special time gifts. For example, I used to write a lot of poetry, so one egg promised “1 love poem.” He loves to hear me sing, but I am self conscious about my voice, so another contained “1 Moonlight Serenade.” Another contained a check for a million kisses or a night on the town. Each one was different, and I typed them all up in interesting fonts and with pictures so they were all unique. 

I hid the eggs around the house on the Saturday before Easter Sunday because he had to work that day, so I had time to get ready. Then soon after he got home I handed him a basket and told him to start looking for Easter eggs. He was a little doubtful at first, but as he realized what kinds of things the eggs contained he had a lot more fun.