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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kelly Legge

One year we decided to go away for the weekend, and spend a few days at a romantic little inn in the
country. Now, we didn’t mention Easter specifically, and it was just assumed that we weren’t going to do anything to “celebrate”.

When I was packing to leave, I slipped Easter candy and other goodies into my suitcase. On Sunday morning, while at the Inn, I got up early, and very quickly pulled out the goodies and placed them on the dresser and went back to bed.

When my sweetheart woke up, he was completely surprised and happy. My explanation was simply, “Well, I guess the Easter Bunny found us after all…”

He really loved the gesture because it meant that I spent just a little extra time and effort to make our romantic weekend just a little bit more special. It’s not the big gestures that make all the difference… it’s doing little things to show how much you care.