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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Susan Williams

The most unique father’s day I have ever given also happened to be the most inexpensive and yet the most priceless.  I have done this for both my husband and my father and both said it was the best gift they had ever gotten… a “Book of Love”.

First, I purchased a masculine-looking bound book, such as a small leather-bound journal or notebook with lined pages.  Then I began writing.  I filled as many pages as I could with thoughts about the person, such as qualities they have that I admire, things they have done that I think were wonderful, memories that I have of them, things that I love and appreciate about them, etc.

I tried to break up the words periodically with little pictures or stickers that pertained to a particular comment.  (For example, next to the paragraph where I commented about my husband’s musical talents, I drew several instruments and musical notes.)  I also included quotes from my kids, which I obtained by asking them questions like, “What do you love about Grandpa?” or “What do you like to do with Daddy?”

You don’t have to worry about filling the whole book, because it makes a nice ongoing project that you can continue to add to as years go by and more memories are made.  It doesn’t have to be entirely serious either – I included silly things, like certain habits they have or a funny thing they did.

My father sent me an e-mail after receiving his and said that he could not call me to tell me thank-you because he didn’t want to cry on the phone. This is a military man who I have never seen cry in my whole life, so I know he really meant it.  Men really need to know that their efforts are noticed and appreciated, even the little things they do like change all the light bulbs in the house!  And for those of us who have a hard time putting
our love into words, sometimes it’s easier to write them than to say them.