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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Suzanne Barnes

The last Fathers Day that my ex and I spent together was really rough on me. He had asked for a separation just the week before and I was devastated at the thought of taking our daughter and moving home, 13 hours away. I still very much loved him, and didn’t want to be separating at all.

As a gift for fathers day, I made a 3D model of my daughters hands out of modeling compound and glued them to one side of a two sided folding picture frame with a picture of the two of them. On the other side, I printed the words from a country song about a couple separating. The little boy in the song gives his dad a drawing of his hands and says (sings) “Put your hand in mine and Ill be there anytime, when it feels like you could use a friend, Ill be there to lift you up again, put your hand in mine.”

Even as rough as things were between us then and even now, that gift really touched him. Its a good gift for anyone who has to spend time apart from their kids….my ex is in the army, so time is short even when he is stateside.