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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Tammy J. Brunais

The weekend before Father’s Day the Home Depot was offering to give kids a free project to make for Father’s Day.  I loaded up the kids and off we went.  They had Gentlemen’s Boxes.  The kids and I got our kits went and bought wood glue and paint.  We got home and made our kits, And painted one with the spray paint we had gotten.  The color was not the same color that we had chosen.  It was a much darker brown!  It looked hideous!  Through out the week I thought and thought about how I was going to fix this box to make it presentable for Father’s Day.  The kids and I really worked hard and put our heads together on this one.  I decided to try to scrap the paint away.  Which was very time consuming tedious work.  I gave up for the day.  Sat it down and realized that the box now looked really old, and actually pretty cool like that.

My husband is a jeweler and is around beautiful diamonds and gold daily.  We thought how it would look really neat like a treasure chest.  So went through the house looking for beads and things that could resemble “jewels” and then went to the yard for rocks that we sprayed painted gold.  We took a bit of sand from the kids sand art kits.

The box had a nice green felt lining.  We arranged the things inside the box and decided we needed more.  WE printed out one picture of each of us that we knew he really liked.  I cut the pictures and rolled them into scrolls and tied the off with old looking twine.  On the top of the box one of the kids finger painted “Dad’s Treasure Chest” .  It looked really cute!  On Father’s Day we had all of his gifts in his recliner when he got up, He opened it last and when he took the lid off of the box his eyes filled with tears!  Every day since then he opens his treasure and looks at things within.  That is one gift I am sure he will never forget.