Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Christy Hodder

A Dad always needs a tool box full of handy tools.  My husband has “big tools” out in the shed but never has them in the house for small jobs.  Try
this…. get a nice tool box.  Inside the tool box fill it with all kinds of “around the house” tools that he may need.

Individually wrap each tool and put a gift tag on each one with a fun saying.  Have him try to guess the tools as he reads each note before opening them to see if he was right!  So much fun!  You can make them “kid friendly” or you can make them “sexy”.

Some ideas:

“Thanks for having a grip on your temper.”
“You’ve got a grip on me!”

“You are a HIT with us!”
“You came into my life with a BANG!”

Push pins:
“you hold our family together”
“thanks for STICKING UP for us.”

Screw Driver:
“We DRIVE you crazy but you still love us!”
“Thanks for DRIVING us everywhere”

“YOU have wrenched into our hearts!”

Wall anchors:
“you are our anchor”

Picture hangers:
“You hold us up!”

Tape measure:
“You always make us feel that we measure up”
“In your eyes we always MEASURE UP!”

“We are attracted to you”

Wood glue:
“Thanks for always sticking by us!”