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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kay Thompson

For one Father’s Day I hired a fishing guide to take my husband, my son and me on a fishing trip in the bays of Rockport, TX.  He was MOST excited that I would patronize his male interests and go along, too.  Oh, by the way, the guide was a woman who taught the guys some things they did not know and how to fish better (amazing).  He was even more impressed to find out that it is not exclusively a man’s world.  And, even more impressive, I made arrangements for my husband and oldest son to meet in the cul-de-sac to teach me and practice casting (with just a weight on the end of the line) so I could participate in fishing and not have to be babied by anyone.

Even though this setting was not wine, roses and candlelight, but slim and stink instead, it was a major turn-on for my husband.  I smile just thinking about the experience.  It’s definitely on the “REPEAT” agenda.

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