First Date Stories

First Date Stories


submitted by: Ivan V


romantic couple first date ideas hiking adventureThe first date I had with my now beloved wife was an outdoor trip.

Right after we met, we found out we both enjoyed the outdoors, so out of impulse I asked her if she wanted to go have some strawberries with cream near the outside of the city. Fortunately she said yes, so the next day I picked her up and we went to this place which is very cold, but it’s filled with trees and mountains.

After randomly walking around, enjoying the wonderful smell of the trees and having a great talk, we decided to climb one of the mountains.

It wasn’t really easy, but it was worth it. We both enjoyed the exercise, and when we arrived at the top, we were met with a most wonderful view. We sat on some rocks, and an opening through the trees allowed us to see the valley, and all the way across the road below, a big lake.

There, just the two of us alone… All that was missing was the sunset, because although the timing was just perfect, the only view towards the horizon was to the north, not west.

And since it was about to start getting dark, we set out to return to our car, so we began the descent. After a little while she told me she was getting tired, so we stopped to rest. After that, I intuitively
asked her to “hop on”, which she gladly accepted, and I carried her all the way down in my back.

On the way down, she gently put her cheek against mine. I still can remember the rush of emotions I felt (I almost fell down). Right there I knew we were going to be best friends.

So we arrived at the “skirt” of the mountain. We laid down on a mat we brought (because of the cold), she put her head on my tummy, and we just gazed at the stars (which is something truly amazing for those of us who live in such a polluted city as Mexico City) and the moon.

Then on the way back I meant to stop to have some of the most delicious strawberries with cream, nuts, and cinnamon that I’ve ever tasted. Unfortunately the place was already closed (time flew like never before!).

The next day I took half the day off and went back to get the strawberries we couldn’t have the day before, and as a surprise, I arrived at her home, she was indeed surprised and very glad. That was something I’ve never done before, as it was a completely selfless act. A very important fact of this trip was that it was so much more… It was a wonderful journey in knowing each other.

3 years and a half have passed, and we both still remember that day like it was just this past week.

3 days after that date, she cooked sushi for me!!! And 2 years later we got married.