First Date Stories

First Date Stories


submitted by: MeLissa Rocco


ice skating romantic first date ideaMy husband and I had a strange courtship.  For part of it, we weren’t even “officially” dating.  He was my personal trainer, I was his client and, although, we both secretly really liked one another, we both felt it was a bit of an unethical situation to date in this situation (we obviously worked past that misconception!).  And, I have to admit, that I also thought he was a “player” as they call them these days – a guy who knew how to “work” a woman and then once he’d had his fill would move along to the next “victim.”

I guess you could say my head wasn’t in the game with this one!

At any rate, we enjoyed each other’s company a lot at the gym and then would go out periodically as friends for dinner or whatever.  Our first official date was actually kind of “boring” but it was so terribly romantic.  I had been suffering from reoccurring acute tonsillitis and had to cancel on a surprise outing which I later learned was ice skating.  I had told him during one of our “out as friends” moments that I had only been ice skating as a little girl but I really wanted to try it again.  He had listened and had devised a way to get me to the rink without giving away what it was we would be doing.

Instead of canceling on me, he had one of his friends bring him over to my house so he could spend time with me despite the fact that I looked awful (I shudder when I see some of the pictures of myself from that time when we were dating!) and wasn’t much fun to be around (is anyone when they’re sick?!).  We ended up watching my newest DVD – “Monsters, Inc.” and then once the movie was over just sitting in the dark and talking.

At one point in the conversation, he took my hand and very sweetly said “I think I’d like to date you if you wouldn’t mind.”  Once I said I’d like that very much, we shared our first kiss (despite my slight protests that I didn’t want him to get sick).  The rest is history.

I think you know you’ve met the man of your dreams when he’s seen you all sweaty from working out as well as very ill and still thinks you’re beautiful.