First Date Stories

First Date Stories


submitted by: Jennifer Hulan


couple playing billiards romantic first date ideasMy first date with my husband was an incredible 3 day weekend – totally unplanned.  I didn’t even know if I was going to like this guy!

When I first moved to Colorado, I knew not one person, I didn’t have a job, and I had temporarily rented a single room in some lady’s house near Boulder. I was kind of shy about leaving my room and hanging around someone else’s house, so I found myself in my room, alone, and bored. I had heard about a dating website to meet people and within a day I had struck up multiple email conversations. One guy wrote that he was home bound for a week due to a snowboarding accident and even sent me pictures of his ankle in a cast. I felt bad for him and since he seemed nice, we struck up a conversation.

After two weeks of emailing and finally speaking on the phone we agreed to meet face to face. When I arrived late to our date (I had NO IDEA where I was going) there he was sitting on a bench looking nervous. He had removed his cast and was hobbling around on his broken ankle. He didn’t want to look like he needed my sympathy – he later confided in me. He was worried that I would be put off by his cast and crutches. Silly men!

We had agreed to take each other on in a game of billiards and the place that we had met had not one table available. We ended up at a dive bar with some crazy people and crazy music. He apologized over and over, but it was the only place that he could think of in the vicinity – he had traveled an hour up north just to meet me. He was such a southern gentleman, he was funny, entertaining, and he was cute! He stuck up for me when some jerk was making inappropriate comments to me. Who doesn’t love a man who can protect you? Hours flew by in a minute and the next thing we knew we were starving!

We traveled all over Denver that night, eating, talking, playing billiards, and learning about one another. Around 2 am we found ourselves in his end of town. He offered to let me follow him all of the way home, which would have been two more hours on the road for him. I didn’t think that was necessary, so I asked him if he would mind if I stayed the night on his couch. He agreed to let me stay and being the southern gentleman that he is, gave me his bed while he slept on the couch.

We spent the rest of the weekend together, stopping back by my “room” so I could get showered and ready for our day 2 date. We drove to Estes Park which is famous for the Elk that just wander around the town, we climbed mountains, hiked, ate, laughed, went back to his place and cooked together and we watched movies.

It was all very magical and when I finally went back to the real world, because he had to get to work on Monday, I knew that this guy was going to be someone special in my life. That was four and a half years ago and we just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary!