First Date Stories

First Date Stories


submitted by: Michael G


Candle LoveMy first date with my wife starts out with me building up the courage to ask her out. She seemed way too beautiful for me, more career stable and more everything than me! I finally got my nerve and ask her and she accepted.

I told her instead of a traditional date, I told her that I would cook her dinner. The day of the date I left work early and went and bought a bag of tea lights, white feathers and shiny stones. I put the feathers and the stones on the table with long white table candles. I took the tea lights and placed them along the edge of the hall from the front door to the dinning room making a kind of landing strip.

When you entered the dinning room it opened into candles placed into a heart with a arrow through it. I had all my ingredients laid out to get ready for cooking. When she arrived I went out to her car and blind folded her. As I shut the door to the house, she looked a little nervous and I reassured her that she was in the safest hands in the world. As I un-blindfolded her I click the remote and turned on Marvin Gaye and she just looked around in amazement.

She followed the candles to the dinning room and she saw the table and the heart made out of candles. She put her hands to her mouth and teared up. I just smile and said, you are a beautiful woman and I would do this for you everyday if, you were mine. I would take pride in making you feel the way you do now, everyday!

I took her hand and led her to the kitchen where we preceded to cook dinner together in the most romantic way possible. Then we sat and ate our dinner together and afterwards we slow danced, within the heart of candles for hours, until the night ended. As I walked her to her car she turned to me with tears in her eyes again and said, never in my life have I ever seen anything so, beautiful or had a night that was so romantic.

She thanked me for a wonderful night and I kissed her gently on the lips and wished her a good night. I watched her all the way until she was out of sight. It wasn’t long after our first date that we married. She swears that I’m the best man she has ever met or been around her entire life but, what she doesn’t know is that it’s her that makes me shine so bright. In the last two years every 17th, we have dinner by candle light and dance together within the Heart of Candles.

Editor’s Note: This is wonderfully romantic but personally, I would not recommend this on a first date. It is really hard to think rationally about a relationship when it is all romance and emotions. Many poor decisions are made in the throes of passion and swooning. This would be a fantastic date when you are ready to take it to the next level.