First Date

First Date


submitted by: Stephanie


ice skate first date unplanned ideasThe key to my first date with my boyfriend was FLEXIBILITY (both ours and that of being in a major city).  After giving him a tour of my neighborhood and eating lunch at a local restaurant, we hopped on the el to go ice skating.  We had a blast just talking on the el, where we could interact more easily than in a car.  We also had a lot of fun even standing in line for ice skating, but when we got to the front of the line, it started raining!  It’s hard to skate in an outdoor rink in the rain.

So, completely unplanned, we headed across the street to a cultural/arts center where we saw a number of art exhibits and learned tons about each other by the way that we reacted to different pieces and genres, and it didn’t get boring because we never spent a ton of time at one exhibit, but moved from exhibit to exhibit, which kept us moving and the blood flowing.

After hopping back on the el and heading out to my suburb, we had planned on going to a little coffee shop that we would have had to walk to, so instead we drove to another place and it turned out to be such a blast that we had dinner there.  Our waitress was so cute and we had a great time doing all the things we hadn’t planned on.