First Date Stories

First Date Stories


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couple in gardenOne of my girlfriends was a Geology major in college and incidentally loved flowers. So I tried to incorporate both of those things in our first date. I asked if she would meet me at Calloway Gardens on a Saturday morning at around noon.

She arrived early and was looking over the brochure and trying to get an idea of what she might like to do. I had been there several times and really let her lead the way, which kind of took the edge off the fact that she was headed into the woods with a guy she had just met (she told me that after the fact of course). My thought was at this point, we can take in a couple of the venues and if everything is going well we can continue, if not, part ways and that would be that.

Luckily, we were enjoying each others company so much that we closed the park, then went to dinner and really struggled bringing an end to the date. In the end we spent 9 1/2 hours together. We had a terrific relationship and are still friends today. We both look back on that time with fondness and laugh about our “Marathon date”.