First Date Ideas

First Date Ideas


submitted by: Jason Hooker

GoofyMovieI had been treated very badly by several women shortly before and during college.  I had always been taught to treat a date as nice as if my mother was sitting with us.  I had seen this girl at the Baptist Student Union and thought…wow, she’s gorgeous.  I wanted to ask her out, but I was beat to it when a fraternity brother of mine asked her first.  They dated for a while and he treated her like crap…I told her one day that if she ever wanted a real man to treat her right, just give me a call.

I was in the engineering program so I was very busy and I didn’t find out until after a second fraternity brother of mine asked her out that she had broke up with the first guy.  Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last long either and this time I was ready.

I had decided to do things a little differently.  I had made up my mind to test the next woman I dated on the first date.  I called her on Wednesday night after church and asked her if she would like to go to a movie on Friday night (nothing like short notice to see how interested a woman is!!).  She said yes.

I took her to the mall and we ate in the food court.  Then we saw “A Goofy Movie”.  I am a Goofy fan and had planned on seeing the movie anyway…but I figured if she could stand to eat at the food court and see a cartoon movie and still be interested in dating me, then we could really go somewhere as a couple.  Bear in mind now that even though the date was questionable as far as the eating and movie were concerned…I always treated her with the utmost respect.  Anyway…that was April 7th, 1995.  We were married on June 6th, 1998 and have a happy, loving home with two children!!  Isn’t God wonderful!!