First Date Stories

First Date Stories


submitted by: Mindy G.


romantic first date resting ideaMy now husband and I had a very special first date. I attended a fair with a friend who was meeting some up other friends I had never met. We were all going to go to the Stix Concert that would be playing that evening. My husband ended up being one of those guys, and that evening turned into our first date.

After the concert we didnt want to part ways, so with the rest of our friends we went to a Rest Area near my home, and played a silly game of Tag, and sat around talking and telling jokes. A few nights after that, he asked me to accompany him to another concert in another town, (foreigner). The date included a road trip, a few games of pool after the concert, and on the way home we sat and talked in the same rest area. To this day the rest area is a favored spot for us. He even proposed to me there!!!


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