First Date Stories

First Date Stories


submitted by: Thomas Johnston


giving girls flowers first family dateWe were planning on going out on a date when it turns out two of her high school age nieces from out of town came to visit her. Rather then cancel our date I decided to make the best of the situation and being the romantic purchased a rose for my bride to be and two pink carnation flowers for her nieces.

We ended up taking the girls with us on our date, taking them to a go cart track and for a walk on the river front. It gave me a great chance to see my future wife in a family situation and allowed me to meet more of her family, all of whom I have after going on 8 yrs of marriage and 12 yrs of knowing my wife, I have come to love as blood. 

“Our” two nieces to this day still talk about getting “flowers” from me and for allowing them to go with us on our date and sharing time with them. The only problem is my sister-in-law still joshes me about where her flower is!