With Flower Petals

With Flower Petals


submitted by: Gina Guilfoyle


romantic champagne strawberry flower petal romantic ideasThis is a love potion I make up for my fiancée and myself. We usually sip this in a bath together, or cuddled up on the couch watching our favorite movie.

1 – bottle of sparkling wine (or non alcoholic)
12 – fresh strawberries
1tbsp – strawberry leaves (fresh or dry)
1tbsp – sugar
1tbsp – borage leaves and flowers
a squeeze of lemon juice

Combine the leaves/flowers, strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice in a small bowl. Add one small glass of sparkling wine. Let mixture infuse for 2 hours. Then skim leaves from your potion (leaving the strawberries).  Add the concentrated liquid into the remaining sparkling wine. Pour into a glass. Add an ice cube if you wish.

Drinking this will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over!

Oh, fyi:  you can also use starflower oil in place of flowers and leaves.