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submitted by: Michael Webb, Founder -

Flowers are romantic. Everyone knows that. However, not all flowers are created equal.

A dozen roses are not as romantic as a hand-picked bouquet given “just because.” Tulips are not as romantic as daisies if daisies are actually her favorite flower. I believe the most romantic flowers of all are the ones she included in her wedding bouquet.

If there is a special occasion or anniversary on the horizon, consider presenting her with a bouquet of flowers just like the ones she carried down the aisle. Just go sifting through your wedding album for a photo of her bridal bouquet. Make a photocopy of the picture and take it along with the original to a florist so they can recreate the arrangement your bride held on your very special day.

Let the florist look at the original picture for clarity and then let them keep the photocopy as they assemble the arrangement. Be sure to safely return the original photograph back into the album.

Present the bouquet to your bride and watch the tears flow. There are some florists that can freeze dry the bouquet so it will last for years to come.

If you want to pull out all stops, you can also have the top layer of your wedding cake recreated and find the music that played at the ceremony.