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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Ed Lauritsen

My wife of 26 years teaches kindergarten in a barrio school where few children see adults romancing (at least in the traditional sense). So periodically I buy a bouquet of flowers and drop-in on Ann unannounced while she’s teaching.

As I enter the classroom, I purposely “hide” the
flowers so the children can clearly see them behind my back, and their faces immediately light up and they begin to point and whisper behind their hands excitedly. Smiling back at the grinning children, I then ask Ann to guess what I have for her (which after 10 years of this happy ritual, she obviously knows, but manages to “forget”). As Ann incorrectly “guesses”, the children get even more enthused and finally can’t contain themselves; someone invariably blurts out the answer. With that, I present Ann with the bouquet and a kiss. She then tells the children, “This is my husband, Mr. Lauritsen. He loves me and I love him.”

Thus Ann is romanced, the children receive a healthy, memorable lesson they might never receive otherwise, and I feel like a great husband.