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Tips & Ideas

ROSES 1-2-3

submitted by: Kevin Wigglesworth

My girlfriend and I have only been dating for 3 1/2 months. Since she really likes roses, I’ve been sending her a rose for out monthly anniversaries. One rose for one month, two for two months, etc. So far, she hasn’t caught on to what I’m doing since I spontaneously select a day to send them.

The first rose, red, was after a day at the Calgary Stampede. The second, pink & yellow, I sent to her at work. The third were two chocolate roses, wrapped red, with a red rose that I delivered to her at home. These will each build until she gets a dozen roses for the one year anniversary, and by then she will definitely have caught on to the trend.

Thoughts for future months include a jewelry container with roses painted on it, origami roses, silk roses, crocheted roses…