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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Dee Dee Covington

On my first date with my husband, we went out to a bar with a group of people. There was one other couple in the group. The others were male & female friends of mine. There was a woman going around selling roses & the male of the other couple bought one for his girlfriend. All of the girls were ooooing & ahhhing.

Being the first date, I didn’t comment. About 15 minutes later, my husband handed me a rose he had made out of a napkin. I was so impressed! It even had a leaf on the stem. Anyone can buy a rose (which will soon die). It really showed he cared by taking the time & effort to make one (which I still have, 8 years later).

All of the girls were now ooooing & ahhhing my rose….even the girl who had a real one!