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submitted by: AA

My favorite Valentine’s gift of flowers came from my husband in our third year of marriage. He’s a boy’s high school basketball coach and Valentine’s that year fell on a game night. He called me at work to make sure I was coming to the game and asked if I could be there a little early so we could spend a few minutes together.

I got to the game a little early and sat watching the girl’s play and studied a text for an exam I was taking (work and school). After the guy’s warmed up during halftime of the girl’s game, one of them came over and sat beside me and gave me a long-stemmed rose and wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. I didn’t think too much of it as I “adopt” the guys from each year’s team. A few minutes later another player came over and gave me a rose, etc. This went on until I had a dozen roses and had been wished a Happy Valentine’s Day from each player on the team. By this time, I was laughing and waiting for the “surprise” from my husband. Finally, he came out of the locker room and brought the vase tied with a big red bow.

I was sending at the end of the court, kind of by myself, so I could study. When he gave me a great big hug and kiss to go with the roses, we received a standing ovation from the entire gym. (It just so happened that his timing coincided with a time-out). What a great Valentine’s Day.