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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Mike Dunning

For our anniversary, I’ve always given my wife as many red roses as married years (I padded the first 11 years to 12 with white). Several years ago (I believe it was our 18th), I varied the routine.

I arranged with the florist to have a “stem tube” (my term, I forget the real name) of water placed on each rose. I had arranged with neighbors, friends, coworkers who lived near us, even her mother, to deliver a rose to her on our anniversary. I spent our “Anniversary Eve” delivering the roses (except to the work people).

When the alarm went off in the morning, I pulled rose #1 from under the bed and gave it to her. #2 and #3 she soon got as she woke our sons for school. All day long people kept showing up at the door with a rose. I had coworkers take their lunch break to deliver so they could be in on it.

Coming home from work, I brought the few leftovers to complete her set.

The cost was only slightly more than usual, but the effect was immeasurably greater.