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submitted by: Mike Corrow

On our tenth wedding anniversary, my wife (like many others I am sure) was dropping the extensive hints about wanting an anniversary ring. Like many wives, she went so far as to show me exactly what she wanted. I would bet there are a few guys like that out there. Well, not wanting to disappoint, I bought the ring, but I didn’t want to just give it to her, so this is what I did.

On our anniversary, I went to the flower shop and bought ten roses, 7 red and 3 white (the white represented our three children). I got ten little cards and wrote a little verse/reminder on each card about each year of our marriage. It was fun for me to go down memory lane and try to remember something specific each year.

The years the kids were born were easy, then it was things like buying a house, new job, or a special vacation. It was fun. Then I took the day off to do a bunch of errands and I took my kids with me. We started in the morning, and I went by my wife’s work, I sent my first born (my son) in with the first flower and memory.

Then we left and came back and this continued throughout the day until all the kids had made a delivery, my wife was the talk of the office and everyone was waiting for the next event as the day went on. Well finally around 2:00 PM I went in with the kids and the last flower (the ring was around the stem of this rose) and made the last delivery. It was fun and a very memorable anniversary.