With Flowers

With Flowers


submitted by: Ben Ranney


wildflowers free flowers romantic gift ideaI like to drive around the countryside near our town and pick wildflowers for my wife. You would be amazed at the number of different types that exist. Things that are considered roadside weeds sometimes blossom into rather nice flowers. Some of these go without notice because their flowers are small. They come in waves, different types blooming throughout the spring, summer and into fall. You can surprise your love with different types of bouquets during the “growing season.” Look along roadsides and along streams.

When winter approaches and most of the flowers are through for the year you can find enough interesting dried plants to make a nice autumn arrangement. I use cattails, bittersweet, goldenrod, etc. Wildflowers might not be as loud and gorgeous as those from the florist, but they are an interesting change and they take some effort to go out and collect.

Did I mention they are free!