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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Andy Silver

Before we were married I unwittingly managed to do something romantic for my bride-to-be. I asked her to get comfortable on the couch and close her eyes. I had bought a mature rose with a wonderful scent and snuck it into her apartment.

When she was relaxed I broke off a petal and crushed it right under her nose, leaving the fragrant remnants near her head to get as much aroma as I could. I must have said something too – I can’t remember what – but I managed to work thru the whole rose while she lay there soaking up the fragrance and the sound of my voice. She was really quiet and still and actually started weeping (the good kind of weeping, not the bad kind) as I finished the rose.

Fifteen years later, she still remembered it and told me that a sort of “healing” had taken place in her heart that night because she felt valued and really loved. I had never “ripped up a rose” before that time, but I have done it a few times since then, usually after we’ve enjoyed looking at them for a few days.