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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Nancy Grizzle

I once dated a man who was attending college and was so broke he was forced to be creative! We spent a lot of time at a nearby park, talking about everything – making wishes and blowing the fluff off of dandelion puffs (my mother always told me your wish would come true if you could blow all the fluff off with one breath).

One day, as I sat at my desk at work, he walked in with a pot full of dandelion puffs, all wrapped in florist foil. He had gone to a florist shop and purchased some kind of fixative and some foil – gone to the park, sprayed the dandelions, stuck them in some dirt, and wrapped the pot in foil. He included a card that said “May all your dreams come true”.

Although the relationship ended a couple of years later, I still remember that as one of the sweetest gestures – romantic because it was so personal and so exclusively “us”!