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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Venus

My husband and I have been married for almost 25 years, and within the past 18 months I have tried to really “spice things up and rekindle that spark”—–in very romantic ways.

One way is with food and this is what I do:  My husband and I are both teachers and  I travel to different schools each day of the week.  On Friday I happen to be at the school where he is a teacher.  I stop at a little deli each Friday and buy a different sandwich or hoagie plus some sort of salty snack in a small bag; a soda or fruit drink; and a candy bar for him to enjoy for lunch.  I have never asked him if he would like for me to do this or what he might like for lunch that Friday.  It is ALWAYS a surprise!

I tuck paper napkins in the bag and have recently even popped an instant lottery ticket inside.  When I arrive at that school, I quietly sneak into his music room (his desk is at the back of the room) and place the bag with “lunch and love” on his chair, and then quietly leave……. My husband just adores this weekly “treat” and it is a wonderful way to begin a very romantic weekend.