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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Carrie Padgett

My husband and I enjoy dining out, and are often looking for a new and good restaurant to try. This can get expensive so we occasionally will have a fast food dinner but with a twist. We make it a progressive dinner.

We’ll go to our first selection, maybe Taco Bell, and get a drink.
Then to McDonald’s for fries, or perhaps Jack-in-the-Box for egg rolls.
Carl’s Jr. is a good choice for the entree, they have a large selection of burgers, salads, or baked potatoes.
Then dessert is of course Dairy Queen, Wendy’s or Foster’s Freeze.

We’ve done the same thing on a slightly higher scale, with egg roll from a Chinese take-out, taco’s at a local Mexican restaurant, then the all-American Hot Fudge Sundae.

When we really want to splurge, we’ll go to a nice restaurant for appetizers and drinks, then another place for dessert and coffee.

It’s fun, not too expensive and we have plenty of time to talk and catch up as we eat and drive around town.