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submitted by: Michael d. Grady

When my wife and I were having our first child, she was told two weeks before our first anniversary, by the doctor, she had to be bed ridden. So, naturally, we couldn’t go or do anything for our anniversary.

The day of the special occasion, I had ordered in from her favorite restaurant and rented her favorite movies. I made her think that nothing was going to happen but, maybe a movie or something. I told her we can do something next time, it’ll be all right. She kind of got down and out, and wanted to go to sleep. I told her that was fine if, that’s what she wanted to do.

About an hour of getting ready and setting up, and, being very quite, I set everything up. Candles on the table, and nice, soft music playing in the background. I went to the bedroom to wake her up, “I have dinner ready if, you want to eat?” I told her. “Just be nice, I’m not a chef.” She chuckled and we walked slowly into the dinning room. Eyes opened wide and filled with tears. I turned to her and said happy anniversary, baby girl.

She looked around at the food and candles, then at the movies, “you did this for me?” Yeah, I did it for you. I planned on taking you to the movies and to dinner, and since we couldn’t do it, I figured I would bring it home. She hugged my neck and let out a little whimper, you are so good me, thank you! So, for the rest of the night we celebrated our anniversary, like we were out on the town.