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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Michael Webb, Author, The Romantic's Guide

Food sure it fun. It is fun to eat and despite what my mother tried to teach me, it is fun to play with. Have you ever played with your food? Try it, you might like it.

One particular fun food is the hearty toast and eggs. I take a slice of bread and use a heart cookie cutter to take a hole out of the center. I lightly toast both pieces. I scramble up an egg and just when it begins to take some non-runny form, I put the toast in the skillet and place the eggs in the open heart of the bread for it to finish cooking. I serve with grits (a southern specialty) or some other side dish.

You can alter the above idea for even a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Place the piece of bread with the heart cut out on top of a whole slice.

Does your lover like licorice? A message written in licorice “string” might just brighten their day or night.

If you are creating a Chinese meal or ordering one in that would be the perfect occasion to make a giant fortune cookie with a special poem or note tucked inside. 

Yes, my mom knows I still play with my food. But is proud of me anyway.