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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Maryellen McCracken

My husband was an avid deer hunter (I knew this going into our marriage) and despite the fact my birthday always fell within the opening of the season, I knew this was an important aspect of his life and accepted that I would be a “widow” for those weekends in November.

One particular season, I started missing him even before he left so I started writing little love notes and tucked them in every part of his hunting gear that I thought his hands would touch. (I knew once he had settled down in a pre-determined spot, he had a lot of waiting to do until a deer was sighted, so the notes would be a pleasant surprise.) The last of these notes were wrapped with plastic or foil and placed in his sandwiches, and bags of snacks. (I was sure to make these a little larger in size so they would not get eaten!) I smiled at the look that might cross his face when he discovered these. With the packing finished, I kissed him good-bye and told him to keep his eyes open for “new discoveries”.

When he came home he told me how fun it was finding my notes and then told me the guys enjoyed the notes too! I turns out that his back-pack of food was snatched up by another hunter who had a similar looking pack. Once they got into their stands, they didn’t see on another until the end of that day’s hunt or if a kill was made. Well John got Jim’s pack and spent the day being courted by my love notes! He was rather sheepish in returning the pack but told my husband (after some good natured ribbing) how charming the notes were and complimented him on having such a sweet wife.

P.S. I was so good at hiding the notes that the next season Jim found some that he missed previously!