With Food

With Food


submitted by: Christy Hodder


FM Global module title sizesMark, my husband, made a huge rice crispy Hershey’s kiss. He created and shaped the sticky rice crispy mixture in a metal oiled mixing bowl.

He cut a hole in the underside and put my birthday gift in it…. a gold watch in a small box wrapped with saran wrap. He replaced the hole, now containing my gift, with a chunk of the original cut out piece. He chilled it in the fridge and then dipped the entire thing in chocolate melted in a double boiler. He chilled it again and wrapped it in aluminum foil. Of course he put the trademark long white piece of paper coming out of the top but instead of “hersheys kiss” it said “Marks kiss”.

It was the most fun and romantic birthday gift ever. It goes without saying that I thanked him for the thoughtful present with lots of big gigantic “Christy Kisses”!!!